Do you have the life long, unfulfilled dream of owning your very own service station?  To check the oil and air in the tires of all who drive in?  To keep ice cold NeHi’s in the cooler and Moon Pies on the shelves?  Well I am here to help you.  Now you can own your very own GAS CAN service station.  That’s right.  A fully authorized, franchised service station just like the one M.J. owns.

And it will not cost you a thing.  In fact, I will “pay” you for it.  Here is how it works.

First, download and print either the JPG version of GasCan3D or the PDF.  (See below)  Print it out on a 8.5 x 11 card stock or just use any 8.5 x 11 picture/photo paper.  Carefully cut it out and fold and paste it together.  I used the photo paper and a glue stick with permanent glue.  Took me about 10 mins.  Here is a tip…glue the floor last and do not fold it completely so that the “fold” tab still has a little spring in it  There you have your own Gas Can service station.  Next, take a photo of it in any setting you would like.  As you can see below, even the Jupiter 2 from “Lost in Space” needs gas.  Next, just email the pic to me with your name and address and that is it.


Click here for the PDF version of the Gas Can
Click here for the JPG version of the Gas Can


And, for all this work you will receive a certificate (suitable for framing) declaring you are a franchisee of the Gas Can.  This certificate will be one of 100 and will  start with the “A” series.  I am only offering 100 slots to start with.  The next round of certificates will start with the “B” series.  You will get a bumper sticker (not so suitable for framing) declaring you own a Gas Can.  These bumper stickers will be available ONLY to franchisee holders.  And lastly you will get a Life On 66 button.  Not bad. eh?


Also, as time goes on and the characters go on road trips (in the comic strip), and if they go through your state they will, of course, stop in your station and ask for you by name.  I will not however, give out your address or city in which you live.  Ever.  For any reason.  At any time.  Unless you say it is ok to do so when you send in your photo with your name and address.


Here is a little legal stuff:  By submitting your photo of the Gan Can 3D cut out model you are granting permission for your name to be used in any and all matters related to the Life On 66 comic.   People who submit the photos understand that there is no transference of copyright in ownership or usage of any materials relating to and owned by Michael J. Phelps and


That’s it.  Get out the oil cans, hook up the air bell and get ready to run your own Gas Can service station.

Send your photo to: