Over the years (starting in 1978) I have done a few comic for others.  I love doing this and I thought I would put them here.
The first one I did was in the late summer of 1978 and I cannot show you the cartoon due to a H.A.P.A. agreement.  It was just 5 days for a comic that was, and is, distributed world wide.  I filled in for the cartoonist who would take over the art for this strip.
Since I have begun my retired life as a cartoonist this was the first one.  It was for the popular webcomic “The Space Between.”  Shane McCarthy put out an all call to have others do a few strips.  I used his characters in a thought provoking way.  Here is the link to that comic..  http://www.jellybeansniper.net/spacebetween/gueststrip02.html
What if…
The next one was for Dawn Griffin.  She is the cartoonist of the fantastic Zorphbert & Fred webcomic.  Not only am I a HUGE fan of her work I got to draw a page for her.  She asked a number of cartoonist to send in strips so she could take time off to get married.  (A silly thing to spend time on hahaha)  So you bet I jumped at the opportunity to send one in.  Each cartoonist had a theme to work on.  Mine was to have Zorphbert get smushed in the face with wedding cake.  Here is a link to that comic…http://www.zfcomics.com/comics/wedding-guest-art-michael-phelps/ ALSO, if you buy her 2nd book you will see a black and white version of this comic on page 130.  Go buy it right now.

Cake smooch

The next one was for Ryan Fisher’s “Gin and Comics.”  He and I have a similar outlook on life so it was easy to put his characters in a familiar setting.  Here is a link to that comic.  http://www.ginandcomics.com/comic-archive/guest-comic-michael-phelps


Around the end of August 2011 Dawn from Zorphbert & Fred, see above, (www.zfcomics.com) said she was taking a little over a month off
to re-vamp her webcomic site and to add to her buffer.  Well, many things can be buffered and I drew this for her as a fill in during this time.
I drew a strip for The Obscure Gentlemen webcomic in September 2011.  I have always thought the way they use their “background” is
is unique.  So….
So there I was thinking.  Dawn of Zorphbert & Fred was still re-vamping and she was getting some great guest art during this time and
I wondered what her characters would look like if other “notable” cartoonist sent in guest work.
This one for Callous Comic was very satisfying.  The cartoonist, Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan, MD has been drawing his strip for many,
many years.  Doc was the first “Twitter friend” I had when I went into cartooning.  That was back in my Blue Number 7 days.  We both
watch each other during our UStreams and he even set one up where we did one together,  His range in Callous is very far reaching.
Just when you settle in he pops up with a new story line.  Callous Comic is a must read.  Since his main character is a doctor I threw
in the nurse from my strip.  Worked in well…
On March 8, 2012 I did another quick strip for Dawn and her Zorphbert & Fred.  This time I came up with a cross-over.
On September 10, 2012 I submitted a full page comic to Jack Carter for his wacked out Captain AHole
webcomic.  I got to combine a little of my style with a little of Jacks. and threw in a little
DC comics.  It was a lot of fun.