June 25, 2013

* * * * * * Major announcement * * * * * *
Get ready to have your socks knocked off.
Since I have delved into being a cartoonist as my post-retirement career there was a major accomplishment I made in the 1970s that would transcend into this life. BUT, due to an agreement with the Chicago Tribune I was never (never, ever, never) allowed to speak of it. BUT through the hard work of Julie Josephitis (my new bestest friend) of the Tribune Media Service that 35year old agreement has been set aside and I can PUBLICLY announce that I, Michael J. Phelps, was indeed a cartoonist for the Dick Tracy comic strip. Back when I was a commercial artist in the Dick Hoyt Pen Art Studio I got the job of drawing the strip as it was being passed to a local writer. It was a brief stint but it was tons of fun. It was during this period that Chester Gould was extremely ill and a new cartoonist would be needed. In that interim was the period I drew the strip and it was that fact that warranted the agreement that no one was to know there were ghost cartoonists. They did not want it out that Mr. Gould was not drawing it. I only told a few people over the years, my wife, Ginger Phelps being one of them.  I received the final email today giving me the green light to announce that I had a hand in the iconic detective.

My Dick Tracy