Way back when I started drawing webcomics I did it as a fun thing to do in retirement.  And I told myself if it ever became a chore or it was no longer fun I would quit.  Well, I aint gonna quit.  But I am going to slow down a bit.  I am not going to schedule a new comic twice a week.  I will post a new comic as the mood hits and a funny idea pops up.  I still love drawing Life On 66 and I want it to get better.  But this is not my job.  I do not get paid to draw this and I never had it in the back of my mind that I would make a ton of money from this.  I would just draw my little strips, put out a book or two and have fun.

And I have been having fun.  I have met GREAT cartoonists out there and my work has gotten a little notoriety.  I’m happy with this.  And the reason, the main reason, I am slowing down is my eyesight.  I have a tiny problem with my right eye that will be easily fixed once I get the insurance company to ‘see’ things my way.  Until then it is hard to keep things in focus up close (drawing) and far away (driving).

SO…Life On 66 will go on forever.  I will never stop drawing it, just not as frequent as it used to be.  I will post on Twitter and Facebook when a new strip is up as I always have.  So stick around the best is yet to come.